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Mothernight Ritual Oil

Mothernight Ritual Oil

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A ritual oil for it all. Think of this oil as a foundation to your workings, a step, or an amplification to workings. I add this oil to anything I am working with, I see it as the fire that will create movement for my intentions. 

A blend of herbs, resins, essential oils and real gold flakes.

You are the magick...this oil will remind you of your intentions every time you smell it, use it, wear it etc. 

I created Mothernight through my research into my ancestors culture and historical spirituality. I wanted to find out the herbs, resins and oils they would've used in previous centuries for their health, and spiritual amplification. In my research, I found many interesting recipes for "magickal oils". I tried to emulate different blends with current ingredients and substitutions that my ancestors most likely grew or used. For example, I used gold flakes instead of gold coins. 

Mothernight the name came from Mōdraniht or Modranicht, night of the mothers or mothers' night. A Norse celebration time during the winter solstice. Honoring mothers, and ancestral mothers, and goddesses. 

Suggested Use: Apply with intention to your wrists, ankles and inner elbows during meditative times. Use with candle magick and spellwork as an anointing oil. Endless possibilities... what does your inner power guide you to? 

Shake before use!

Blended with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Essential Oils. 

Size: 2 Dram: 1/4 fl oz, 10 ml Rollerball, 1 fl oz bottle

Shelf Life: Keep in dry, dark area. Stable for 1 year. 

Skin patch test prior to use is highly encouraged. 

Do not ingest, skin application only.

Disclaimer: This product is sold as curios. ZeppHerbal makes no claims or guarantees any supernatural or magical properties for any products. This product is for entertainment purposes only.

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